Deck, Engine & Electrical Stores

All types of ship accessories and nautical equipment for decks, engines and cabins. Charts, nautical publications, flags and stationery as well as safety equipment, rust removers, brushes, tools and much more are available from our local warehouses. We deliver engine stores, such as tools, bolts, screws, steel as well as heavy machinery and we supply electrical equipment in all voltage ranges to suit any application, from a simple light bulb to the most advanced electronics.

Anti-Piracy Accessories / Container Lashing Materials

As per BMP4, using razor wire is effective when constructed on ship structure, deployed double or treble roll of wire, and secured the razor wire with a wire rope through the razor wire to prevent it being dislodged

Provision (Fresh Vegetables, Frozen Meat/Vegetables, Tinned imported products.,etc) by Freezer Vehicle

A complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions that are stocked in our own warehouses

Cabin stores – Cloth and Linen / Bonded Stores

A wide range of beers, spirits and cigarettes

A complete range of cabin stores is available. Everything from soap to bedding and galley equipment is available in a variety of forms.

And Many More supplies like below

  1. All types of ship accessories and nautical equipment
  2. Medicines, Stationery Stores, Navigational Charts & Publication
  3. LSA/FFA &Solas Items
  4. Container Lashing Materials
  5. Bridge equipments
  6. Fresh Water through our own barges
  7. Packing Materials like Dunnage Wood, Craft Papers, Plastic Sheet,
  8. Tarpaulin, Hatch Cover Tape, etc
  9. Marine Chemicals and Paints
  10. Marine Electronics & Electrical Stores
  11. Refilling of Ships Bottles Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon R (22-12), CO2, Fire
  12. Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus, etc
  13. Tug & Barge Supplier for inner anchorage or outer anchorage for boarding or Customs Formalities, Fresh Water, Bunker, etc