• Anchor and Windless repair job

    Renewal of Anchor and Anchor Chain.
    Repairs/Maintenance of Windlass.

  • Motor Winding/repairs

    F-class winding of electrical motor up to any KW, lathe Works, Bearing renewal on motors up to 3speed motors

  • Life Boat Repairs

    Procured Second hand life boat from scrap yard and repaired, 5yearly load test successfully carried under classification society

  • Lathe Works

    In-house lathe machine available

  • Bridge Equipments

    Outdoor team available for programming and repairing of GMDSS and Navigation Equipments, Approved by all Classification Society

  • Sand/Water blasting, Chipping & Painting

    Inventory of equipments to carry out the process.
    Blasting and painting job on Cargo Holds, Deck and Ship Side Shell by using cargo barges & Cherry Picker