Overhauling of Main/Auxiliary Engines & Turbo Chargers

We have In-house team of Experts in overhauling Main/Auxiliary engines for MAN B&W, Daihatsu, Sulzer, Mitsubishi, Yanmar.,etc

Servicing & Renewal of Exhaust/Inlet Valve, cylinder head, Piston Ring/Pin, Piston Crown, Connecting Rod Bush/Bearing, Cylinder Liner, Stephan Box, Water/Lube oil pump, Governer.,etc

Alternator Repairs/Winding

Auxiliary engine Alternator of capacity 750KVA, 450v, both stator and rotor winding completed in 10days including dismantling and refitting on board.

In-situ Grinding, MPI and Hardness Test

Our engineering experts are familiar with different engine makers and their individual design features which allow us to carry out Crankshaft repair services on land base sea going vessel and off shore all over the world with the help of portable machining/grinding tools inventory.

Flying Team

We carry out voyage repairs and sea-going maintenance, sending emergency flying repair teams to ensure operational continuity for cargo and cruise vessels.

We can provide small, tightly-knit units of crack technicians with the capacity of working under tight schedules and still guarantee peak performance. These are highly skilled people who understand the necessity of avoiding time loss, schedule delays and vessel off-hire, so that your ships can keep running and remain profitable.